KOC Executive Fit Wool Package

Knights of Columbus Executive Fit Uniform Package

UPC:  720345491621
SR#:  KOC-PKG-02
Uniform Package™: $449.00 USD

Official Regalia of the 4th Degree Uniform Package Features and Details:

• Blue Blazer with 4th Degree Crest and Emblem of the Order Buttons

• Official 4th Degree Gray Trousers

• Official 4th Degree Hand Embroidered Necktie

• Official 4th Degree Black Beret with 4th Degree Badge

The Knights of Columbus regalia is to be worn as you would a business suit. The beret is worn with the 4th degree metal badge placed directly over the left eye. The right side of the beret folds down toward and over the right ear. 

Once you receive your Knights of Columbus Package, please take it to your tailor for professional finishing. Trousers come with an unfinished hem. 

Please visit a local tailor for measurements prior to ordering, this will help to ensure that you are selecting the correct size. 

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The Executive Fit is for those who need a bit more room in the midsection. If your Midsection Measurement is larger than your Chest Measurement, then an Executive Fit is best. If your Midsection Measurement is equal to or smaller than your Chest Measurement, then a Traditional Fit is best. For more guidance on which fit is best for you please visit our page on Measuring Information.
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Unit Price with Options: $449.00 USD